Next Generation Customs

Are you tired of driving around and feeling like your in a fish bowl? Window tint can give you the privacy and shade you need!

Don't make the mistake of taking on car window tinting yourself and ending up with air bubbles in your window film! Most window tinting shops will refuse to remove the film and if they do remove the window film they will charge you more to take it off than they will to put it on! Doing it yourself might make your window tinting cost more than double.

Don't pay the price twice! Trust the pros at Next Generation Customs conveniently located in Concord CA across the street from Costco!

We offer auto window tinting, home window tinting and office window tinting. For your home or business we offer window privacy film, security window film and decorative window film. We work with companies such as 3M and Suntek because of their high quality durable products and their wide selection in window film.


No Job Too Small

No job too small at Next Generation Customs wether your looking to get professional window tinting for an entire office building or wether you just want to get headlight tint on your personal vehicle we can do the job!

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